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Inside this issue:
April 2018
TSRI researchers link cellular cargo transport machinery to neurological disorders...
by Ilene Schneider
April 2018
TUM team details a method for designing peptide agents with oral availability and intestinal permeability...
by Kelsey Kaustinen
April 2018
Brain’s immune system may be key to new Alzheimer’s treatments...
by Mel J. Yeates
April 2018
Companies and academic researchers work to convert Cannabis self-pharmacy to science...
by Randall C Willis
Patent Docs: The CRISPR chronicles
European Patent Office comes to different conclusion than U.S. Patent Office in important battle over CRISPR rights
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Spotlight on Oncology
To go with our March issue pre-show coverage of the annual meerting of the American Association for Cancer Research, we offer a roundup of recent cancer-related R&D and clinical trial news
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Special Focus on Neuroscience and Neurology
As we gear up for a Special Report on Neurology in the April issue, March brings a roundup of recent life-sciences and pharma/biotech news of research and breakthroughs related to the brain and central nervous system
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Editor's Focus:
April 2018
Syngeneic mouse models are employed extensively in early-stage drug discovery and have become a workhorse for one of the fastest-growing areas of research, immuno-oncology, transforming how investigators approach novel therapies.. [ more ]
by Dr. Megan MacBride of Taconic

April 2018
A company that makes too many promises it cannot keep and doesn't even surround itself with scientific experts probably shouldn't be in the life-sciences business.. [ more ]
by Peter T. Kissinger

April 2018
Can we please stop talking about cutting the National Institutes of Health budget; it's just about one of the last things we need right now (or ever).. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

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