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Editorial Regulations
Publisher's Rights
The content of any news release is subject to editing and is published at the sole discretion of DDNEWS and Old River Publications LLC.
Dated Material
If your news release is time-sensitive, be sure to submit it early enough to allow for publication in advance of the event. News that will be outdated by the time it is in the hands of readers will not be published in our print format.
Print the words "NEWS RELEASE" in boldface near the upper left corner of the first page. By default, all news releases are published at the earliest possible time. However, if the news release is not intended to be published upon receipt, but instead at some specific time in the future, such as to coincide with an event, please specify a target month for it to appear. Otherwise, any news release not marked as such, or those containing the words "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" will be published in the very next available issue.
Media Contact Information
Provide all relevant information for contacting someone for additional information regarding a particular news release or if the copy received is illegible. This information should appear under the label "FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION."
Original photographs (color or black & white) may accompany a news release. Photos and other materials cannot be returned. If soft-copy photos are sent on disk or by e-mail as attachments, any graphics format is acceptable, as long as size or resolution is great enough that the graphic can be scaled down in size to a sharp image.
Give your news release a short, concise title that summarizes the news item.
Provide the city and state that is to be associated with the news event. Appropriate locations include that at which the event has taken place or is going to take place, or that of a head office that your company is primarily associated with, whichever is most relevant.
Page Markers
The end-designation marker "###" should appear at the completion of all hard copy releases. If the release is more than one page, the word "more" should appear at the bottom of the non-ending page(s).
News Release Content Guidelines
Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • New products, services or programs related to the drug discovery market
  • Commentaries or explanations of new technologies, laws or industry studies related to the drug discovery market
  • Special events such as seminars, trade shows, product fairs, industry presentations
  • Awards either received or issued
  • Changes in management or new staff
  • New offices or facility
  • Public-service activities
  • A response to "bad news," such as legal or financial difficulties
Our editors will read each release and make a decision to publish either in print or online depending on the nature of the product or service, and space available. Releases that read like promotional copy are not likely to be published.
Position the most important information at the beginning of the release by including the "five Ws" of reporting -- who, what, where, when, why -- in the first paragraph of the release. You can expand on each of these issues and include facts of lesser importance later in descending order.
Keep your news release as succinct and to the point as possible. Releases that require less editing are more likely to be published.
Try to present the news release in such a manner that accomplishes both your objectives while also addressing the interests or concerns of the DDNEWS readership. If your release pertains to a new product or service, emphasize its benefits, ease of use, and problem-solving abilities. Other approaches that can give your release a newsworthy angle are price comparisons, produce or service excellence awards, favorable statistics or uniqueness. Please avoid using lengthy descriptions of product or service features.
End the release with a statement providing background information on your company. If pertinent to the news release, the final paragraph of the release should contain contact information for readers to obtain further information. This should include a phone number and fax number, as well as e-mail address and Web address, if applicable.
News Release Submission
Please submit news releases via our Online News Room or e-mail them to us at

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