BostonGene receives $50M
June 2019

TOKYO—Earlier this quarter, NEC Corporation announced a $50-million Series A strategic investment in biomedical software company BostonGene, which has developed a holistic approach to determining the ideal therapy for cancer patients by combining genome and transcriptome sequencing; algorithms to estimate immune fitness and cancer characteristics; and a continuously updated, AI-driven database of cancer information. BostonGene will apply the funding to expands its development work, collaborations and staff.
“Our early successes validate the market need and the potential of our solution to truly transform cancer treatment and dramatically improve patients’ chances for survival and quality of life. An investment of this magnitude will support our vision, mission and strategy, as well as the formation of synergies with the NEC Health Tech business to create meaningful new opportunities,” said Andrew Feinberg, BostonGene’s president and CEO.

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